Baked BBQ Chicken

From time to time, it is always fun and refreshing to cook something for the whole family or friends. With the hectic and busy lifestyle most people, including you, have today, cooking something nice and delicious at home signifies a special day. Regardless of the occasion, whether random or not, cooking a satisfying recipe is surely a great thing to do. However, again, having always a tight schedule, resorting to relatively easy-to-prepare dish would be pleasant. And if you are looking for a fascinating choice that the whole group would surely love, then you may want to consider checking out baked BBQ chicken.

Surely, only a rare number of people wouldn’t dare eat a chicken, especially if they have allergies, right? But the majority definitely love chicken in general regardless of what recipe it is. But to your convenience, BBQ chicken would be a nice consideration.

Baked BBQ Chicken Breast

Almost every part of a chicken is totally delicious; from the meaty parts down to the smallest details surely matters. But since you would be grilling them, picking the chicken breast is undeniably practical.

However, while the breast part could definitely make a well-served baked BBQ chicken, the challenge here is how to make the part not too dry. So if you’re thinking of having this part for your BBQ recipe, then you may want to start off with marinating the part with your mixed BBQ sauce. Good selections of ingredients would definitely do the trick like olive oil, smoked paprika, lemon juice and minced garlic.

Baked BBQ Chicken Legs or Thighs

Aside from the common wing and thigh parts that are most often chosen by food lovers, the legs and thighs are also of great demand. Thighs, especially legs, are common for chicken lollipop dish making consuming them more fun and really convenient. In addition to this, choosing the legs and thighs for baked BBQ chicken is also a great option because these parts are way moist as compared to the breast.

Since grilling could be an overwhelming task particularly if you prefer your meat tender and well done, what you may do to ensure this is to remove the skin. The skin can be really vulnerable when exposed to direct heat, which later on could result to overcooked or worse, burnt chicken.

Having a Successful BBQ Baked Chicken

If you prefer really moist and juicy baked BBQ chicken, you may have to consider the following quick tips.

Removing the skin is really helpful to ensure that you won’t get the meat overcooked. Moreover, resorting to really quality and tasty ingredients would also be a nice option. You may also want to marinate the chicken overnight on the fridge as this helps in making the chicken meat tasty and juicy. Aside from marinating, before grilling or putting in the oven, you may also want to brush more barbeque mixture on the chicken to make it really ambrosial.

And, of course, above all, keeping an eye during the cooking process would help you in avoiding frustrating scenarios often observed while cooking baked BBQ chicken.